Ella Hill
My project ‘Portraits of Microscopy’ was derived from my objective to explore and document the impermanence of the natural world, via an unorthodox lens. Through the dialogues of documentation and photomicrography, I aimed to investigate the deconstruction of photographic portraits through the transient discourse of nature. The aim of this project was in equal parts an exploration and an appreciation, with an attempt to accredit the fundamental relationship between the scientific and artistic practices. Through capturing these elements with the microscope lens by measuring the bacteria evolved from fingerprints, I regard the work as being a form of abstracted and formal portraiture. These invisible aspects that assist the shaping and identity of a person are of a shared uniqueness and importance to their physical exteriors. I aim to assemble an unconventional and unique profile on the four family members I have studied, whilst deconstructing standardised tropes of portraiture.
BA (Hons) Photography