Eleanor Joy Berrow
Hi, I'm Eleanor. I'm overflowing with creative ideas and positive energy. I'm always ready to tackle the next challenge. I recently completed a two month design placement at a marketing firm called TLH marketing where I gained web development, social media and marketing skills. From this experience I discovered my love of working creatively in a team environment and poking at the boundaries of what it means to be a graphic designer. My favourite brief was where the company 'Squint Opera' asked us to visualise data. I chose to analyse ballet data and formatted a sculptural outcome. Recently I've been enjoying Adobe XD, designing an app called 'Safer Rail' which uses gender specific data to create safer public transport. I was inspired to create it after writing my dissertation which discusses gender insensitive architecture and urban planning. If you're interested in my work please check out my website portfolio and message me via Linkedln, Instagram or email.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design