Edward Donnan
It's hard to pin point where exactly my passion for graphic design started. As a child my mum enrolled me into a small art class in the local town hall, since then I haven't really looked back. I do think that it hit me that I wanted to pursue graphics after my experiences from college. I was lucky enough to have an exciting, enthusiastic teacher who sparked something inside for me, During my period at college she introduced me into the world of working digitally, safe to say it was a turning point for me. Here I am now at the end of a crazy experience at NTU. Over my time here I have had the chance to really home in on what makes me tick and what sort of stuff inspires me. As a designer I really do engage with all things type, my most fun projects have had a heavy focus on type and editorial work. The time I have had at NTU has helped me develop a key eye for typographic forms. In the future I would love to delve into the exciting world that surround editorial and publication design.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design