Edie Greensmith
I am a contemporary artist who creates portraits using acrylic paints. I explore portraiture through subject’s belongings rather than the traditional method of depicting a face. With the change in society, due to Covid-19, I focused on the absence of people which led to exploring what can be revealed and represented through what people own as we were not able to see one another. Being stuck inside for so long also gave me the appreciation for colour and how personal it can be to every individual. Choosing a specific colour as the background for each piece helps create an idea of the subject’s personality through the connotations of the colour. I am currently working on my collection "Who do you see?" where I explore my connections with my friends and family and what they symbolise to me. My intention is to make the viewer wonder who the portraits may be of and see if they, themselves, can see or relate someone they know to her work.
BA (Hons) Fine Art