Dhanashree Pimputkar
Hello! I am Dhanashree Pimputkar an extremely passionate and hardworking designer with experience working as a junior designer in the Uk along with 2 awards(YCA and Creative changemakers). I am amongst the 5 designers chosen by the university to exhibit their work at the New designers' event in London. I have a keen interest in illustrations and a good sense of graphic design. I like working in the areas of publication, branding and packaging. I understand the impact that good design can have on sales of the products as it not just assists the product to stand out in the market but also makes the product more functional. I truly believe that designers can solve societal issues with accurate design thinking. I aim to achieve the position of problem-solving, whether of the company, brand or social, through design. Apart from design, I like to explore the print medium and take long walks to gain inspiration from architecture, nature and the people around me.
MA Graphic Design