Darnel Bailey
I am a freelance artist and graphic designer who always likes to experiment with different mediums of work such as video, 3D, effects and concept creation. I don't feel that I have a favourite type of work to do as I always am trying to build my skills in different areas. My area of interest is the ugly and strange, I feel most comfortable with creating something that challenges what someone would usually see, by no means do I think I break any barriers in my field, but I believe that I do well in what I set myself to do and I'm often commended on how I find creative ways to tackle issues that I face. Through my freelance work, I have designed tattoos, logos, t-shirts and art pieces for people both here and overseas in the US and I hope to keep this up along with my end goal of becoming a creative director so I can continue my experimentation all the way until the end of my career.
BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion