Daisy Jane Dunne
I'm Daisy Jane, a fashion and textile designer. Throughout this MA I have delved into what our future world could be through interviews and advanced research methods. Taking inspiration from real people alongside futuristic architecture to create a collection which is fit for an exhibition. Thinking about 2122, allowed me to step outside the design box and use skills from both my BA in Textile Design and MA in Fashion Design. Pairing unusual fabrics with delicate free-motion embroidery to showcase my skills. I have evolved my ideas into structure holding garments which reflect who I am as a designer. I have completed placements within COW Vintage for Visual Merchandising and Story Designs for embroidery alongside a ‘Rising Star Stylist of The Year’ Award from the 2018 Midland’s Fashion Awards. My next step is to complete a series of internships to solidify my design handwriting further and establish myself within the fashion and textile industry.
MA Fashion Design