Cody Froggatt
‘Clouds Above Sea Below’, examines aviation accidents across North Wales, specifically the Blackburn Botha disaster. This project was created from my passions of aviation and my local area in North Wales. The Blackburn Botha disaster occurred on the 28th of August 1941. The crew were tasked to located German U boats off the coast of Holyhead. The extreme weather conditions caused the aircraft to stall immediately and plunge into the water. Two boys set off in a boat to try and rescue the three crewmen. The boys’ boat overturned but still managed to reach some of the crew and start bringing them towards the shore. Eleven rescuers then set out, making human chains to try reaching those stranded in the water. Fourteen people died in the disaster. Ultimately this project remembers this relatively unknown history and those who lost their lives in these crashes. I personally believe it is vital to remember these stories and give these stories and people another life.
MA Photography