Chimna Orji
My project is titled ‘My Unapology’ which encompasses paths crossed between hip-hop and my mother. They both share a nature of being unapologetically true to themselves and their beliefs. Hip hop is a culture that has engulfed all the spaces it touches and my mother’s motto is all about standing out. Collectively, boldness is their natural habitat. I rebranded the fashion label, Sean John, known for its prestigious denim, baggy silhouettes and exclusive lifestyle marketing. My creative vision for Sean John is to incorporate jewellery with their garments. The brand’s luxury feature will be introduced by blending the two worlds of high-end jewellery and high-end clothing. The brand’s collections will be created on a limited-edition basis in terms of the amount or a timeframe on which a customer can purchase a product. This allows the amount to be controlled and manufactured accordingly, adding to the sustainable and ethical factor as there won’t be fast fashion or over-production.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design