Chester Forman
Chester Forman is a fine art photographer based within the East Midlands, specialising within the fields of landscape and architecture. His work critically addresses the position of society within the natural environment, and transformation of places over time. The Denouement of Power is a photographic series which explores the final stages of coal power generation within contemporary British society. While coal is no longer produced on a mass scale in Great Britain, it is still combusted by two remaining power stations, Ratcliffe-on-Soar, and West Burton, which are both set to be decommissioned within two years. Society must now look towards carbon neutral methods of generating electricity, however questions remain pertinent about the future use of our coal fired power infrastructure. This series seeks to critically investigate and document the final stages of this historic industry, and the potential future use of the land and structures which once powered our country.
BA (Hons) Photography