Charlotte Allman
Hi, my name is Charlotte Allman. I'm a Graphic Design student who's looking forward to taking my life time passion for design into the world of packaging, or potentially interior design. I'm a lover of packaging design, editorial design and typography. I find inspiration in the everyday mundane. Through school I enjoyed learning about materials and different designers and their conceptual ideas. This was embedded in me during my three years working at Elizabeth Stanhope Interiors, an Interior Design shop based in Rutland. Here not only was I exposed to various designers but I was also a designer myself helping with customer requirements learning the true roles of a designer. This background has helped me through my degree. Couple that with what I've learnt over the course of my degree, I now have the ability to help benefit peoples lives through my designs. I enjoy working with and around people discussing ideas and views and I'm always happy to help problem solve.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design