Charlie McGuire
Hi, my name’s Charlie! I’m a young designer who loves to use my skills to conjure emotions, capture feelings and tell stories. I have a passion for music, the arts and the ways they cross over into the design world. With these industries constantly evolving it encourages me to do the same, developing both my physical and digital practices. I have a strong skill set stretching over a large array of disciplines, being proficient in Photoshop, After Effects and other software, as well as experience with a range of print methods. My expansive abilities allow me to produce variety in my work, with some examples being an upcycled clothing range, an animated music video and a promotional website which won me a D&AD New Blood Pencil. I thrive as part of a community and love working in a studio surrounded by other talented creatives who I can bounce ideas off. If design wasn’t my job, it would be my hobby - I want to work in an environment where my job doesn’t feel like one.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design