Brenda Hao Fu
Facing today’s conflict of values, what interested me most is the gender issue. I do not view the male and female gender characters as mutually exclusive. In my work, I’m trying to explore the boundaries of the two, and finding a way to address them yet keep the distinctions of them both. Through the method of geometric pattern cutting, I want to achieve a clean and elegant aesthetic, and minimize the waste at the same time. I also learnt to apply this method to my work by using software like CLO and Lectra. Another area which fascinates me is the adaptable garment. My final MA project is a tail coat that could turn into a low cut dress. The playfulness, the multiple layers of meaning, and the potential to transform is what intrigues me. I love films, plays, poetry and music, and usually drew inspiration from them. As a pattern cutter, I especially enjoy the part of problem shooting. There’s no definitive answers in dress making, this gives me a chance to use my own creativity.
MA Fashion & Creative Pattern Cutting