Bingrui Du
Hi I'm Bing, I'm passionate about product packaging design and innovative branding during my University years and I also really enjoy drawing illustrated storybooks. I've always liked things that are more childlike. I am more of a straightforward type than the more abstract or leapfrog design modules. I think that art is not only about creative thinking but also about easy-to-understand design and presentation. This is because modern art and design are mostly for people, something I realized during my internship. During a background panel and poster design, my initial design was not accepted because it was not the effect the company wanted to see and was too abstract and off-topic. This taught me that good-looking designs and designs that fit the scene need to be combined. My favourite part of the last year of projects was the UI design. This project took me the longest time, constantly researching, understanding the target group, and designing helpful software for them.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design