Bilal Delair
As a young designer, art and design have given me purpose and act as a tool for reflection. Therefore, I take a personal approach to my work wherein I look at my personal journey of growing up as a queer British Muslim in a south Asian ethnic minority community and try to represent elements of this through my work. I am also interested in the current social climate and where society is heading. This is evident through a light-hearted competition project in which we collaborated with Teletubbies through a licensing agency (Watermelon Creative). In this I explore and celebrate the Gen-Z era using bold hyper realistic colours, adding an element of futurism to represent the postmodern era. This project was successful and was exactly what WC were looking for which resulted in me winning first prize. Overall, I enjoy designing thoughtful garments, which extends to accessories and footwear. I can use personal experiences but still relate to the wider audience through making exciting fashion.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design