Basak Altundal Bektas
Previously, I had mainly been interested in illustration, which I show in some of my projects this year. However, in the past year, I found that I am more interested in typography than I had thought previously, so I tackled an ISTD brief and tried to incorporate typography into my other projects as much as possible. I especially enjoyed our Bulletproof brief, which pushed me out of my comfort zone. I went into branding in a way I hadn’t before because I didn’t choose the product that my brand would be based on myself. It improved my research skills very much. I enjoyed the ISTD brief ‘A Colourful Story’ as it allowed me to experiment with different materials. In the future, I plan to pursue a Masters degree and improve my work even more. I look forward to learning more about graphic design and pushing myself out of my comfort zone even more. I want my portfolio to consist of a wider variety of work, which I believe a masters degree will help with.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design