Ananya Gupta
Hi, I’m Ananya. I love creative problem solving and the infinite possibilities of visual responses. I enjoy the creative process, my favourite types of projects involve UI design, branding, campaign design, and editorial but I’m open to taking on anything and exploring! Many of my projects stem from my desire to contribute to a bigger cause or help people live better lives. I have woven my interests in Mental health, psychology, LGBTQ representation, cinema, and music into my favourite type of design for my portfolio to best represent my passion. I’d like to think that my designs are a creative window into bigger issues and are largely based on the idea behind them. I believe by being an international student, I have a different perspective and I like to see them come into play with my designs. I would like to be a part of a design team that has a positive atmosphere and gives me a chance to learn more as I believe I have so much to explore in the design world!
BA (Hons) Graphic Design