Amelia Welburn-Cowell
The last 3 years studying as an Undergraduate at Nottingham Trent University have allowed me to experiment and refine my practice as a young artist. Having my work shown in local galleries nearer to home has always been a goal of mine. With many new opportunities currently arising in and around Nottinghamshire, I am excited to submit my work to the open call at the Harley Gallery. After visiting the gallery on numerous occasions and somewhat visualising it to be an artistic goal, it has welcomed the challenge of submitting artwork and beginning my showcasing career. I have experimented with different genres of art through my years of study – from creating theatre sets in a work experience environment; interning at Doddington Sculpture Park, creating meaningful art to inform homelessness to the wider population where I live; to now being immersed in portraiture and discovering a love for attending different exhibitions countrywide.
BA (Hons) Fine Art