Allisa Riyanto
Hi there! I am Allisa from the Decorative Arts course. This collection I made recently called ‘Through the Lens’ is inspired by nature. Fungi, for example, is an exquisite form of living organism that most people take for granted. With a microscope, we are able to observe and learn about the things around us. I hope by translating this to a form of art might help encourage people to become more aware of our surroundings and perceive the world in a whole new different way. Methods I use for this collection includes: screen printing, hand embroidery, laser-cutting and dyeing fabric. During my years at Uni, I volunteered for a lot of events in Nottingham like teaching kids about pottery and organising art socials. In addition, I was awarded 'Student of the Course' upon completion during my foundation year. I’ve always been passionate about crafting and generating new ideas and am excited to start a new chapter after uni.
BA (Hons) Decorative Arts