Alanna Scrimgeour
My projects are a reflection of where I was at mentally at each point of the year, my later projects were mostly self-initiated and reflect me becoming bolder and more independent within my design choices and in life. My big lightbulb moment for me was realising that my personality was integral to my designs- as simple as this sounds, I found that I was restricting a lot of my humour, emotion, aesthetic, and personality in my designs by not expressing myself fully or genuinely. This year I have learnt to implement my personality in to my designs, and along the way I found that: the authentic personal experiences, humour and personality that you express in your designs will always resonate the most with an audience. Fully expressing myself in my designs has impacted my life and created more self-acceptance within myself, and evolved my mindset. I now see my designs as an extension of me instead of something I produce to please someone else, and I am really grateful for that.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design