Aimée Ruffels
As a new photographer coming to the industry, I have found it difficult to identify my personal style. With continuous experimental trial and error, I can say I have become more passionate about my personal work and the ways in which I want to use my work. As a female photographer in a male dominated industry, I have found the most important thing I can do with my work is promote and represent a female approach to this art. My work during university, has predominantly been about searching for the real definition of 'beauty' and why it is so important for women represent women within photography. I mainly work with 35mm, 120mm, and 5x4 film photography, but also have skills within digital and studio photography. I spend a lot of my time working in the developing studio with film, scanning and editing. I adore the passion that goes into working with medium format photography, showing time and time again that film photography has impeccable standards in comparison to digital.
BA (Hons) Photography