Tomas Cobbett
Cobbett is an interdisciplinary concept artist, with a focus on exploring facets of identity through performance, sculpture, and film. Drawing on their own Queer experience; Cobbett’s work hinges on a destabilisation of the normative, with a strong belief that anything supposed as natural is propped on a colonial system of white patriarchy Through performance, Cobbett works directly with the body; employing costume as a vehicle for identity, to bring the internal self into substance seen against the cultural and social contexts which inform it Centring intersections of gender, their work aims to destabilise concrete notions of self in favour of a Queer potentiality, allowing freedom of fluidity and spectrum to every aspect of our embodiment Provocative of joyful inquisition, Cobbett keeps distance between intended concept and artistic outcome to allow space for the audience to establish their own narratives and relation to the art, the only constant being the unstable
BA (H) Fine Art