Tom Kaufman
Tom Kaufman is a multidisciplinary artist investigating the microcosm of cells inside our bodies constantly moving versus the macrocosm of our bodies themselves dancing to music. He explores themes including rave culture, cell biology, space and abstraction through mediums such as spray paint, acrylics and inks. Inspired by rave characteristics like heavy bass music and flashing lights, he incorporates self made sound pieces and light into his artworks bringing this lively atmosphere to a gallery space. Exploring the possible interactions between space, body and time, Kaufman showcases the energetic atmosphere that rave culture offers, relating this to the way cells jitter around our bodies. Movement is an important part of Kaufman’s practice, influenced by the theory of humans having a predisposed desire to dance to express emotion. He looks at the evolution of humanity’s relationship with the motion of dancing and how it is a spiritual practice and part of life.
BA (H) Fine Art