Madison Hazel Stares
Madison Stares, currently in my final year of studying fashion design looking into the art in our natural form. Fashion is taking a much more digital approach – marketing is shifting and slow fashion has a new platform to thrive on and reach more people. Brining the inspiration back to the problem - there’s natural art we are destroying. Making a collection inspired by, dedicated to and helping the the natural world. Quite literally echoing the authenticity of the art within nature. Having studied the science within optical illusion, I began to learn it was drawn from the patterns and prints within natural forms. Particularly in plants – a way of communicating, wether it be to lure insects in or warn others away. The art of symmetry and illusion has inspired my prints, pattern cutting and marketing. The overall collection of products being unisex, with a neutral futuristic colour pallet.
BA (H) Fashion Design