Loui Penfold
The need for expression has always been a vital part of life for the artist Loui Penfold. He is an abstract figurative painter but has a background in Product Design as that is what he originally came to NTU to study. Somewhat of a self-taught painter, he transitioned to Fine Art where he pursued painting in order to express his personal life experiences, which are often depicted by these abstracted figures created through heavy layering and linework. During 2020, Loui was involved in the Exaggerate Everything Volunteer Showcase exhibition held at Backlit, where he showed a painting exploring the self-destructive side of mental health. This experience has left him eager to pursue a career in the art world where he plans on renting a studio in London to give him a space to do this. In February 2021, he was shortlisted for the Freeland’s Foundation Painting Prize NTU Internal Competition presenting the work 'The heavier the cage, the lower it sinks'.
BA (H) Fine Art