Kirsty Lenihan
Keeping traditional menswear designs alive is something I am passionate about; elevating classic styles and pushing the boundaries by putting my own twist on staples. Functional and engineered construction/development is a strength of mine that I have developed over my three-years; exploring innovative pattern-cutting methods and considering the whole garment. Working on a live-brief with Paul Smith Japan I expanded my knowledge on details and making subtle changes to items; I was honoured to come 1st place. I enjoyed this project as it challenged my creative-thinking and made me a more-considered designer within my FMP. I submerge myself into new challenges; as a collaborative team player I am highly motivated and eager in searching for opportunities to create an industrious impact. I aim to pursue a career within the menswear sector as a pattern cutter or designer; thinking practically and constructively about the customer and adding to brands successes.
BA (H) Fashion Design