Keren Smith
From watercolour to stop-motion, collage to photography, Keren is an artist with a curiosity for materials who has worked in a wide range of mediums. However, her practice is currently focused on figurative oil painting. She explores growth and decay and human fragility, employing symbolism from nature which gives her work a poetic undercurrent. Her recent paintings are inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites, traditional still life and vanitas paintings. She references historical artworks in a contemporary setting with a subtle mixture of reverence and satire, investigating the complexities of her personal relationship to these images, both as an artist and as a woman. In 2020 she exhibited in the digital arts festival “Double Vision” as part of the group “Real to Reel”, using moving image to explore perceptions and distortions of reality. She is currently preparing for an upcoming group exhibition in July 2021 at One Thoresby Street in Nottingham, alongside other NTU Fine Art graduates.
BA (H) Fine Art