Isabel Cristina Tejada Carrasco
Hi, I’m Isa an aspiring Visual Development artist in the animation and film industry. I was born and raised in Panama, a beautiful and multicultural Latin-American country blessed with colourful nature and landscapes which have inspired me to create Visual Development pieces based on an old Panamanian folktale as my final year project. Interacting with different people and their cultures opened my eyes to the amazingly diverse world we live in, especially since moving to the UK. Everyone has a story to tell, a distinctive background, unique experiences and a voice waiting to be heard; and I will love to translate this idea through my art. I enjoy traveling, learning languages and cultures which have influenced my personal development. I love nature and going for walks with friends and movie nights. I look forward to working in the art department of an animation studio, where I can collaborate with new ideas and develop my skills and creativity more.
BA (H) Animation