Greta Levickyte
Hello! My name is Greta, and I am a BA (Hons) Animation student here at Nottingham Trent University. My main interest in this course, as well as my passion, is 3D modelling. My curiosity in 3D began in the middle of my second year at university. I come from a traditional background in arts, and so for a long time, I looked at 3D as a rather technical, bland process. But the moment I got introduced to Zbrush, 3D sculpting software, I discovered an entirely different, creative side of the production, and I fell in love with it. The potential and complexity of the pipeline simply amaze me. Today I can say it is genuinely the most exciting field I have ever worked on, and I am thrilled to see what it will look like in the next five years. "
BA (H) Animation