Georgia Jessop
I am a versatile multidisciplinary designer that takes joy from variety and becoming an expert in whichever project I am currently undertaking. Above all, I love creative problem solving and storytelling, and the infinite possibilities of visual responses. A Jack of all trades is how I describe myself, though I also subscribe to the belief that this is oftentimes better than master of one. Throughout this year I have produced an illustrated children’s book inspired by my hard of hearing cousin and her struggles with communication, a guerrilla marketing campaign to encourage sports fans to act against climate change, a mass-appeal sustainable drinks brand, an editorial of short story ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Perkins-Gilman, and a ‘Narrow Boaters Pub Guide’ map to support local pubs along the Nottingham-Beeston canal as we emerge from the Covid-19 Pandemic.
BA (H) Graphic Design