Emma Bullman
Emma’s practice is central around working intuitively with the script to create psychological architecture and metaphors. She uses tactile collages and sculpture to inform emotive responses and explore themes and key moments. Emma works notably through illustration where she can captivate emotion and action through expressive costume designs and storyboards with the use of traditional art techniques. Emma uses her passion of environmentalism and is currently being shortlisted for her video on clothing for the Sustainability in Practice Award 2021. She works closely with the SBTD sustainability group where it has encouraged her practices with sustainable materials and upcycling clothing. After a successful placement at Set Up scenery LTD in 2019, she hopes to pursue carpentry and scenic painting further to expand her knowledge in construction and eventually apply it to her future in design for stage, hoping to captivate from a range of current affairs to the joy of music and festivals.
BA (H) Theatre Design