Daniel Streeter
Moving away from tangible objects to describe the material world, Daniel Streeter’s practice has exploded into a fully non-objective form of description, exploring the spaces scientists and mathematicians are investigating. Spatial metaphors, technical processes and organic forms continually inform his large-scale paintings, resulting in visually confusing canvases that hint at the complexity of his process. The paintings create an impression of hardly constrained chaos. Initiating tension on the canvas is integral to the creation of chaos and to maintain its prevalence across his paintings. The traction is a product of organised structures and fluid forms, that when coexisting, induce a chaotic nature in the work. His paintings are an attempt at being resonant in some way. Maybe resonant in the absurdity of our existence, the absurd condition of looking for meaning in a seemingly meaningless universe. An endless exploration that informs his work.
BA (H) Fine Art