Claire Suzanna
I am a sound artist. For the most part, my practice is about feeling; feeling without needing to see. The objective of my work is to create spaces, generally in the form of immersive installations, to induce an experience in which the audience is forced to engage with the work without using their vision and to therefore extract information from the other senses. This allows the audience to experience first-hand the potentials and parameters of these sensory outlets that most of us have the capabilities to explore. By participating in conversations with the blind and visually impaired, I’ve been able to take inspiration from how people without vision can have a deeper understanding and connection with the senses available to them, senses we tend to neglect as sighted people. This research has fueled my work and has pushed my practice into the realms of feeling and intuition, complimenting my work in utilizing solfeggio frequencies within my compositions. 
BA (H) Fine Art