Beth Farbrother
My name is Beth Farbrother, I have a fine art background which I use in my textile design. I am very passionate about drawing and photography. Colour has always played a huge part in my life and designs – even naming my guinea-pig multi-coloured. A lot of my inspiration comes from letting my mind wonder into alternate realities and outer space. Before NTU I went travelling and gained a huge amount of inspiration from all the places I went to. My ADHD and dyslexia means I think in a different way to others which I see as a massive gift. It also makes me emotionally intelligent; we have a video of one school sports day, a girl was crying because she didn't want to participate, and I went over and took her to the start line with me. My internships at Bay and Brown and Winston and Wright gave me great insights into the industry and solidified my desire to become a textiles print designer. I would like to have my own business selling prints for streetwear in the future.
BA (H) Textile Design