Victoria Coutts
As a consultant in product design, trend forecasting and styling, I have used my MA to focus on joining the threads of homogenous narratives and disengagement with real life. Why do interiors magazines focus on a singular, prescriptive slice of white middle-class life? I have a mission to hold my profession to account for excluding real people, working to recognise alternative aesthetics and the realities of the ordinary and marginalised. My strength lies in using research skills to understand cultural and human insights, connecting to the emotional reality of our diverse, highly personalised, and chaotic lives. I will continue to engage in academia, inspiring and informing others and exploring how I can use my skills to support the marginalised in access to creative higher education. My final project uses the lens of interiors magazines to demonstrate there is more to ‘Home’ than homogenous perfection, something far less photogenic and more powerful.