Sarah Gotheridge
I am a designer/maker with a background in textile design, styling and tutoring, specialising in textile print and fashion design at NTU. In response to the declining standards of garment quality perpetuated by the fast fashion industry, my masters project Party Frock started as an exploration into the artistry of fashion design and dressmaking, Drawing on sensibilities of the past, my project sought to educate and inspire, through the beauty of garment construction and textile print design. Taking an experimental approach to design, allowed me to engage with my creative process in a joyful, playful way, stimulating ideas, a journey of self-discovery as a designer and untold enjoyment. Digital textile print developed using Cyanotype tell a personal story that evoke memory and meaning. My project attempts to engage interaction and stimulate conversation on values and longevity and encourage the concept of connection in order to promote a more sustainable approach to fashion consumption.