Laura McCallum
SERENITY – A notion is instilled through the collections embrace of imperfections. Blues and organic neutrals are harmonised to reconnect us to nature and evoke a sense of calm within our domestic spaces. It draws influence from wood grain and utilises naturally occurring water marks to create a sense of fluidity. Each composition is hand painted with acrylic inks and digitally embroidered. The blending of stitch onto handmade paper captivates the raw simplicity of line; influenced by Wabi Sabi. As the line between our home and work lives have begun to blur, our interiors have become multi-purposed, highlighting the importance of our wellbeing. Subsequently, Serenity is a customised collection, where customers are encouraged to embrace their artistic expression. With a passion for a more sustainable future, I have focussed on the story telling aspect of craftsmanship, to reconnect us to the processes. To read Serenity’s story please click on website.