Katie Patmore
I come from a media focused background with skills in editing, filming, photography, audio, web design and graphic design but branding and design is where my main passion lies. For my MA project I created Monthly, a subscription box service for period products that helps people effected by period poverty through a buy one donate one scheme. My aim was to create a personalised, user friendly service which felt like a high-end joyful experience. I researched the psychology of joy and found that we feel joy through colours and curves which then became a key part of my design. I found that often the most vulnerable people are surrounded by the most plain design such as hospitals, nursing homes and social housing but I believe that everyone deserves quality design. I also created a website for the brand; as one of my main aims was accessibility, I ensured the mobile user experience was high quality and designed for mobile as this is the only access to the internet many people have.