Jeneé Marie
As an African American female, I first-handedly experienced the injustices and inequalities faced by people of colour and was moved to use my platform as a knitwear designer to help bring about systemic change. My project, The Knitted Truth: Threads of the Black Lives Matter Movement, is a universal call to action to end discrimination and injustice towards Black people. As a Black designer I intend to increase the representation of people of colour and the BLM movement using colour, texture, and technique to shed light on the disparities and injustices faced by the Black community. Inspired by the colours of Pan-African flag, my designs will be a continuous reminder of the need to eradicate these injustices against the African diaspora. To this end, I will incorporate QR Codes within the labels to provide links to informative aspects of the BLM movement such as what the movement entails, how one can participate or contribute, and my inspiration behind each design.