Jack Dunn
"With no fans being allowed in, non-league football was left in a terrible state as a result of the pandemic. My major project ‘TINPOT.’, is a platform that looks to make non-league football more accessible for people, and to encourage fans of higher league football to go and support their local team and come together in their community to use football as a force for good. I’m a massive sports fan, so that has been a big influence on a lot of projects I have done throughout my time at NTU. Alongside this course, one of my main goals was to develop my freelance career. I have had the opportunity to work on some incredible freelance jobs, the most exciting was doing the branding for a new bar (code 34) in the centre of Nottingham. As much as I enjoy completing uni project work, you really can’t beat seeing your work in the physical world and having people actually interact with, and enjoy it. If you like my work, take a look at my website and feel free to get in touch!