Francesca Ferraris
Francesca Ferraris is an Italian knitwear technical designer interested in investigating shape and form. Within her practice, she challenges and pushes the boundaries of knitwear. Tubulars connections is a project born from the necessity to create garments that develop an emotional connection with the woman who wears them, in order to increase their durability. The starting point for this collection was to develop a spontaneous seamless knitted shape: one tubular that constructs the sleeve and the neck and a second tubular for the body and the second sleeve. All the garments in this collection are created on a Shima Seiki knitting machine in a whole piece and do not need relevant make-up time. During her year at NTU Francesca developed a strong knowledge of the Shima Apex 3 system by creating a range of challenging garments that are a starting point of her research and development as a designer. Please visit her Instagram and Arts and Threads profiles.