Emma Pengilly
I am a textile artist and visual communicator based in Cornwall. My work explores our relationship to repurposing waste within a disposable society. As a frequent forager and collector of things, my interest has always been to share this curiosity and intrigue in the found with audiences of my work. Inspired by travels and memory this project aims to [RE]CONNECT viewers to surroundings, through upcycling the found with mixed processes in printing, embroidery, knit, or tufting techniques to increase emotional value. By taking a holistic approach, the work aims to challenge accountability towards overconsumption and littered waste found in coastal communities, encouraging interaction and discussion, supported by sound, moving images, and nostalgia to curate an immersive sensory space. Aiming to break down overwhelming environmental issues while they are still tangible. EVERYTHING ENDS UP SOMEWHERE. Can we hold more value for things that already exist?