Eduarda Vieira
⋆ Hey! I'm Luna and I'm a Portuguese illustrator! ⋆ I've always been passionate about storytelling and illustration, and it was through them that I found my place as a creative individual in the art world. My artwork is quite elaborate and ambitious, defined by its innocent appearance paired with serious issues. I'm fascinated by the occult and the unexplainable, and this year I've focused on topics such as death and nightmares. I consider myself a versatile illustrator that enjoys working and experimenting with various media and formats in order to make my illustrations shine! This Master provided me the opportunity to explore different fields of illustration like books and zines, packaging, and merchandising. I also got the opportunity to participate in my first illustration contest, the Carmelite Prize, in which I was shortlisted. My ambitions for the future are to be able to explore the various fields of illustration and visual communication and to learn and grow as an artist!