Charlotte Mitchell-Brown
Hi I'm Charlotte, over this past year I have gained so much knowledge in illustration and the industry behind it. I love drawing in many mediums and styles but especially black line work, which I gained a lot of experience in during this MA. For my main project I looked into the history of tattooing and how it has changed across the last 10,000 years, through different places and cultures. This gave me great insight as with this knowledge I illustrated and branded a four-story tattoo department store. I found this so interesting and to make it feel authentic to the craft as possible I illustrated with a dip pen and ink, to give it this imperfect tattoo feel. Last year I gained a BA in Graphic Design, also at NTU, so I'm hoping to use this combination of skills in my career ahead, as I have a passion for both illustration and design. Also, because of how inspired I was by the MA project I am also going to look into tattooing as a possible career path.