Broderick Lee Coursey
Broderick Lee Coursey, often creating under the self-appointed moniker Saint Broderick, takes a performative and mixed media approach to photography - with inspirations spanning from comic books to pop culture and fashion, and forms of expression coming into fruition with elements of painting, poetry, and graphic design. Keeping the photograph as the basis grounds the work in reality, while the surrealist and fantastical put the viewer somewhere between fact and fiction, provides endless possibilities for image-making, a majority of which feature the photographer playing most, if not all, of the roles in these personal pop culture narratives. Having graduated with a BA from NTU in 2020, Coursey is proud to soon unveil a soon completed project to coincide with the finishing of an MA degree and return to home country (Missouri, United States) - and the performative paper doll project will be available to be viewed in the portfolio link below.