Bethany Bell
Hi! I'm Bethany Bell. I’m an illustrator/graphic designer/pet portrait artist. Often my creations are intended for a younger audience as I have lots of young relatives who I always want to teach and help understand specific topics more. The whole masters project is based around being intuitive and having a sixth sense. Hunch is a book created for children aged 5+ to demonstrate illustratively what it might look like to be intuitive and foresee moments. On the MA, I chose to dive into things that made me uncomfortable as I find that’s where I surprise myself. I was part of the Response placement at the Nottingham Contemporary, creating an editorial piece that discusses the issues of racism, sexism, identity and rebellion. Life after the MA, I intended to go into editorial of some kind, swaying more towards children’s editorial. I didn’t anticipate my job coming out of the masters course being in socks but I am now working at Roy Lowe and Sons.