Alyssa Gucci
I am a knitwear designer specialising in fabric development through texture and colour. The idea for my MA project came to me as lockdown restrictions were eased last year, and seeing people enjoy the green open spaces the UK has to offer. Seeing more litter and disregard for the environment really angered me, and I used this as inspiration for my project; something that celebrated nature but also raised awareness for how poorly it is treated. My aim was to produce something beautiful but with an important environmental message. My love of texture showcases the potential for knitted fabrics to be more than a stripe or rib, whilst layered print applications elevated the colour. I have also experimented with creating my own sequins from discarded packaging. The yarns for my final pieces were sponsored by UPW, using a mix of RSW wool, and GRS Certified recycled polyester, to ensure the pieces are also sustainable in their production, not just in the message they send.