BA (H) Costume Design & Making
This specialist course covers costume design and construction skills for stage and screen – from pattern cutting, tailoring, props, and puppetry, to visual analysis and 2D to 3D realisation. Graduates go on to work as freelance or in-house costume designers, makers and wardrobe assistants for a range of theatre, film and television productions.
Kerrin Turner
Erin Heywood
Flore Watson
Charlotte Thornton
Harriet Waterfall
Erin Taylor
Eleanor Wilcock
Lucie Amelia Jack
Georgia Peters
Emily Haworth Wheatman
Layla Hamill
Victoria Powell
Samantha Hodson
Laura Bailey
Eleanor Jayne Sharpe
Joy Nye
Dillah Johns
Emily Fenton
Eve Murphy
Tobasum Qasim
Jasmine Slater
Lottie Wheeler
Alex Bradley
Sophie-Maris Hoelge
Kata Kiss
Phoebe Unsworth
Ellie Glover
Niamh Stewart
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